Why men are attracted to sexually liberated women

Most men find “sexually liberated” women resistible.

Why? A man’s sexual and male identity are being confirmed if he feels that the woman he cares for wants to have sex with him, initiates it and enjoys it. That she takes an active and sometimes leading role.

Some woman may not realize the power they have because of restricted sexual education or inhibitions, like belief systems such as “Good girls do not initiate/give oral sex/sex is a woman’s duty/dirty”… etc.

Women need to take back and own their sexual power; they need to reclaim it and sometimes need to understand that they should educate and inform themselves and know that they also deserve sexual fulfillment and pleasure.

But is their own responsibility to take control of that.

What is “enthusiasm”? It is probably different and unique to every person. But in a nutshell means:

  • Taking an active role
  • Initiating sex in creative ways
  • Making time and effort for sex (go and take lessons and learn how to pole dance/lap dance/belly dance)
  • Expanding your sexual horizons
  • Being willing to try new things/experimenting without stretching yourself too much
  • Knowing your sexual boundaries
  • Being able to talk about sex
  • Knowing your partner and his needs


Richard White Administrator

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