Why the site is created

Ajust Scotland has been active in the women’s movement in Scotland community for years already. We helped start A Journal of Female Liberation (No More Fun and Games, The Female State), and our main energies have been devoted to it, as we believes that the dissemination of ideas and analysis is the most critical need in making the feminist revolution. Our second priority is self-defense. We had studied Tae Kwon Do for two and a half years, the last six months with Jayne West’s Feminist Tae Kwon Do School. We are a member of Cell 16, which puts out the Journal, and is in a feminist study group.

The very isolation the individualist ideology imposes makes us desire even more to be loved and accepted, and fear even more being unlovable. But we cannot escape our fears of being unlovable. “Who would want me?” we ask; “I have all these hang-ups.” The solution offered to all this is often to open yourself up until you can merge selflessly with another person. In many cases it is explicitly sex. But the solutions all point to sex one way or another. Sex becomes magic, assumes a life of its own, making anything interesting, everything worthwhile. It’s for this that we spend those hours trying on micro-dresses, loading up with jingle-jangle chains, smoothing on lacy white stockings and Instant Glow Face Gleamer.

It is this that many girls who would be most free to fight in the female liberation struggle are squandering valuable energy pursuing as an indispensable part of their lives. They lavish and dissipate their valuable time and talents and emotional strength on attempts to be attractive to men and to work things out with lovers so that “love” might be less degrading. And too often all they reap is demoralization, damaged egos, emotional exhaustion.

The liberation of sexual equality and the right to sexual pleasure is the solution for the future. But is there any solution for the past? Is it a solution to go out and collect orgasms in order to make up for all those frustrated, self-loathing years? We say you can never make up for all that suffering, and certainly not through a mere physical sensation. And as for the psychological rewards of getting our due at last, we can feel no triumph in that, especially when we’re still fighting the old habits and old guilts that remain long after the intellect and the will have plunged on.

This site is created to address such liberation problem

Richard White Administrator

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