Safety Tips: Using Sex Swings with Caution

Floating to sensual climaxes without firm ground under your feet? That can offer you a love swing. A swing brings new life into the love life and makes an ecstatic sexual experience. Depending on your sex position, you, your partner or both can sit together on the sex toy or even a sex swing.

Previously whispering about her in private, they have been a luxury among sex accessories for a few years now. Originally known as a secret erotic toy from the gay scene, heterosexuals are increasingly rocking into the seventh heaven. Finally, the love swing through SM novels and films has become acceptable to many people.

How do you have to imagine the swing? Often these lust products are made of leather or plastic and are hung with one or more chains to the ceiling. Most of the swings themselves are height-adjustable wide straps that hold you in the act. So you have the opportunity to try out the most unusual positions that cannot be performed without artistic excellence.

Floating in luck with the classic

Even if not everything works right away, you do not have to worry about it. It’s best to start with what works or what brings you the ultimate kick and intense stimulation.

The classic position is the standing position of the man while your partner is sitting or lying in the love swing. Now you can limit yourself to your own push movements or use the vibrations of the swing. The advantage is that the toy adapts to the rhythm of the love act. So you can experience the sex much more intense and swing together to climax.

Oral sex on the swing

But what works in bed, can only work properly on the pleasure swing, do not you think? As a male part, you are in love swing while your loved one is kneeling in front of you. Of course, oral pleasure is equally feasible for the female part. Ideally, you are in the swing, with the kneeling position more relaxed for him than in bed.

If you want to go one better, you can experiment with anal pleasure on the love swing. But lie with your stomach on the pleasure swing and stretch “his” Part. However, in this sex position, swing the swing carefully and use a good lubrication gel because with sex from behind, swinging movements can end painfully for you. Nonetheless, it’s extremely practiced in gay sex.

Rocking into the sky together

Do you still know the butterfly from the playground? What went on here works similarly with the erotic swing? He sits first in the sling and you sit on his lap. Either looks you in the eye or He on a delightful back. You are now ready to jump into casual sex.

So sensual nestled together swing together accompanied by pleasure screams to climax. There are many other positions that swing you on cloud seven. You can let your secret desires run wild. Sex in Kamasutra position or from the side can be realized with love swing as well as many other sexual fantasies.

Properly attach love swing

Before you indulge in the wild sex on sex furniture, you have to think about where to hang it. It is important that you fix the love swing stable. After all, no one in the middle of lovemaking should rudely fall down and get bruised or injured. Concrete ceilings or sturdy wooden beams are best for attaching the furniture.

For a concrete floor, you must first use solid dowels to screw in the hook. If you have wood-beamed ceilings turn the hook directly into the solid wood but not into the boards in between.

Different variants of the sex swing

If you cannot hang a hanging love swing due to adverse circumstances such as a plasterboard ceiling, you can access other models. An alternative would be a swing with a frame, which can be set up anywhere. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the setup models take up a lot of space. That’s why there should be a large bedroom or living room.

Even if you do not have the space for the sex frame, you do not need to give up the weightless feeling of happiness. For such pleasurable moments, the swings are made for the door. Just clamp like a pull-rod into the door frame and the airy fun can start. There are also door swings, whose nylon straps stretch over the door and close it.

What you have to pay attention to when buying a swing

Meanwhile, you’ll find a stunning selection for all tastes that will make your fantasies come true. Even if you are BDSM fan and are on bondage games, you get your money’s worth here. Love swings you can get in various sex or online stores of the brands. If you are interest about sex swings, visit this site and you won’t be disappointed with their products. Pay attention to Sex swing/sling safety, also check what weight the swing can carry – so that the risk of injury drops, 200 kilos are recommended.

Above all, if you plan many high-altitude flights on the swing, you should opt for a comfortable model. Since you mainly use the swing naked, the love surface and loops must be made of soft fabric and wider. With a soft padding you can experience long insatiable love lessons. Hard and narrow material rubs quickly on the skin and has the effect of killing pleasure rather than exciting.

Clean the swing

To find the right sexy piece of furniture that suits your needs, it’s best to go to an erotic shop. So you can take a look at the love swing on the spot and maybe try it out. You can also advise the technical staff on how to clean the material. Depending on the comedies, body fluids and material, the care may vary.

As a rule, a damp cloth with detergent is sufficient for the metal parts and the holder as well as the frame. On the other hand with the straps and the seats is more effort to operate. If you have chosen leather, first cleanse it with soapy water and then treat it with leather milk. Likewise, the erotic house will offer you a special cleaning agent, with which you clean the entire swing sparkling clean.So nothing like pure in the love swing and float from one to another orgasm because everyone can be normal.

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