My Name Is Jonjie Belen – I Am A Office Sex Addict – And That Is Okay – Here’s Why

“What the fuck, why are you naked?!” “Put that away!!!” “What the fuck are you doing?” “Stop raping her”

These are words, unfortunately, too often heard in the workplace, often iterated by ignorant people, that selfishly puts themselves ahead of their company.


To bring more context, I need to iterate that I am the best worker at LSERV.  I have the:

  1. The best KPIs in the office. 
  2. I have the highest APM and WPM
  3. I bring in the most sales
  4. I have the most potent and highest testosterone level in the office.
  5. Every female that I “work” with, their performance also skyrockets.


What is your secret, Jonjie Belen?

Every one, all of the other executives, keeps asking me. How do you do it? I smirk when they ask me. That’s why I’m making an online course, it will teach you EVERYTHING that you need to know.


How do I achieve the above?

It’s simple: instead of controlling your employees through typical practices, such as screaming at them, or hitting them, instead, you fuck them.



Before I, Jonjie Belen, started fucking the sluts at my office, they were disengaged. They were not communicative in the workplace, however, if you fuck them, and tell them “moan bitch”, they will naturally become more communicative.


They would also have issues listening to my instructions, however, when you start fucking them, and tell them “suck that fat dick you dirty whore”. They will naturally follow your instructions more closely.

It’s simple.

Fucking them teaches them what they NEED to know. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an online course on how to become a good employee? There’s no one size fits all course. However, my cock, is one size fits all. Instead of having weeks worth of onboarding content, courses, SOPs, etc. You can just fuck them instead. Which is what I, Jonjie Belen, do. This is how we do it at LSERV, pioneered in our Cebu branch.



How To Achieve The Same Results?

First of all, you need to give me $500. I will send you my course. You can buy my course at my website, jonjie belen productions.


After you’ve purchased. You need to start hiring ONLY females.


And you need to ask more specific questions in the work place.

Questions like:

“Hello whore, can I fuck you, bitch?”

If they answer no, you need to have follow up questions like:

“Is that a real no, or are you leading me on?”

If they refuse your advances, and keep telling you no, they actually are doing a kind of role play, and you need to use force.

Anyway, you will learn more in my course, thank you!


Richard White Administrator

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