How To Choose The Best Type of Urethral Sex Toys For You

Wear cotton underwear. Avoid synthetic materials such as polyester so that the vagina can breathe. Wash your hands. Do not forget to wash your hands before inserting a tampon or menstrual cup, before masturbating and before having sex. It is important to ask your partner to wash their hands before sex too. Avoid soap entering the vagina. Soap can disturb the vaginal flora, so it is best to wash the genitals with water only.

Avoid douching.

Vaginal douches often contain irritating scents and can eliminate the flora needed to keep the vagina healthy. Vaginal douches can cause infections or help spread an infection further into the reproductive system, so it’s best to avoid them. Wipe from front to back after urinating. There may be harmful bacteria around the anus, so do not lead them to sensitive areas! It is necessary to use the same logic during the anal sex. If a penis, a toy or a finger has been in the anus, do not put it in the vagina after without washing it or put a new condom on it.

Urinate after sex.

This helps to remove any bacteria that might have entered the urethra during sex, which helps prevent urinary tract infections. Drinking cranberry juice can also help prevent urinary tract infections. Eat plain yogurt! It contains active bacterial cultures that are very good for vaginal health and helps prevent yeast infections. Eating yogurt is a good idea especially when taking antibiotics as these may pose a higher risk for yeast infections.

Use the condom.

Shared penises and sex toys can introduce harmful bacteria into the vagina. It is important to be safe, to wear a condom during penetrative sex and to be tested regularly. Never leave a tampon in her vagina more than 6 to 8 hours. To leave a tampon in her vagina too long can cause toxic shock syndrome, which can be fatal. You should also avoid sleeping with an inserted tampon. Alternatives to tampons may be a good idea, such as towels, or menstrual cups that can be left in the vagina for up to 12 hours.

Getting to know her vagina!

Look at it with a mirror, learn how it looks, smell and taste. It is normal for the vagina to have some odor and flow. Vaginal discharge will undergo some change during the menstrual cycle and when one is sexually excited. At the same time, one can get to know his menstrual cycle too this can be done using a calendar, or there are many free applications for this purpose for smart phones. You need to be careful about what is normal for yourself, so that you can identify a problem that needs to be checked by a doctor such as excess vaginal discharge, a strange odor, tingling, or irritation.

Nowadays it is no longer taboo to talk about sexuality within the couple. There is more and more an opening in the sexual practices and the women are more and more comfortable with their sexuality. And that is a good thing even if some religions condemn it;from now on, society in general respects individual choices.

There was a time erotic shops were badly perceived, they were considered as businesses for perverts. Nowadays, this perception has changed. These shops frequented by Mr. and Mrs. everyone. When you enter, you will simply see products of all kinds to complement the intimate moments: massage oils, lingerie, erotic toys and accessories of all kinds suitable for particular practices. Here are also different types of urethral toys.

There is nothing wrong if you decided to spice up your life as a couple or your personal life by choosing to buy games or sex toys; it belongs to you. However, one must be careful about the point of view of these as they can also contribute to infections.

Here are some tips so that you can live your sexuality in peace. There are a high percentage of both men and women who make use of massager commonly known as dildo. Men are becoming more open and accept this harmless rival in their bed. Sorry there are also other types of toys of course.So back to the essential point: why take care and maintain his sex toys?

Reasons of basic hygiene

It also helps prevent infections and sexually transmitted diseases because yes, it is possible to catch STDs or infections with sextoys if you share toys with one or partners or just because they have not been properly cleaned.

Cleaning a sextoy or using new condoms for each partner helps prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and the proliferation of mold. Ideally, never share. You can also contract infections, including urinary, by anal and vaginal or oral use of the same sextoy.

Sex toys not only affect your skin, but also very intimate and fragile areas of your body, it is extremely important to know if you are allergic or sensitive to certain materials or products. If you are not sure, it is recommended, before using any product, to do an allergy test on a small part of skin, for example inside the wrist.Watch out for teeth and nails that can easily damage toys made from soft, soft materials, creating small cuts and cracks that can become a nest of bacteria.

Materials like rubber, latex, jelly and almost all realistic materials are porous materials, difficult to clean completely, so it’s always best to use them with a condom.Never use petroleum jelly or oil-based lubricant with a sex toy for vaginal penetration as this may increase the risk of vaginal infection, or with anything made from rubber or latex, including latex condoms. Some fats having the particularity of disintegrating the latex

Water-based lubricants can be used with any sex toy. Choosing the right lubricant is the key to keeping your sex toys in the best condition; use the advice of the shops to inform you.

How to clean the toys:

You will dwell on those silicone, rubber, latex, jelly, plastic and acrylic they also exist other very sophisticated materials but talk about those mentioned.

Silicone: Hypoallergenic material (for medical grade silicones) and non-porous it is one of the easiest to maintain: can be boiled for two to three minutes or washed with water and soap. Let them air dry completely or dry them with a soft cloth before storing them.

Rubber, Latex and Jelly: These products are extremely porous, so wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap. Rinse until no trace of soap remains, this could damage the material and cause irritation.

In any case, the safest method to clean your toys is to use a special cleaner, in the form of spray or wipes, they are specifically intended to clean sex toys, they disinfect, kill bacteria and are compatible with the materials of the majority of toys. So again, refer to a shop advisor.

How to store your toys is as important as how to clean them. Here are some tips to store your pleasure tools, and thus prolong their life while keeping them clean.

Make sure your toys are completely dry before storing them to prevent mildew. You can click here for more information on how to completely dry clean your toys. If possible store your toys in a cool, dry place, away from dust and dirt, direct light from sun and out of reach of animals and children, especially! You would be rather embarrassed and as much as they do not like excessive heat, too much cold does not suit them either.

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